Bookkeeping Solutions for Small Business...Simplified

Small business is like a finely tuned engine. To get the most of the driving experience, it is all about knowing when to be in the right gear. With Sum Bookkeeper, you can let us take the wheel or we can co-pilot you towards the finish line. This is why we offer simple bookkeeping solutions for the small business owner. Forget cloud computing and complicated software. Keep it simple.

Our complete suite of small business bookkeeping services is for owners who want to save the most time and money. We will work closely with you and your team to balance your books while you balance your business.
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Complete Suite

We can't begin to stress the importance of having proper ledgers and reporting systems. Small business is all about the numbers and if they are not readily available (and accurate) when you need them, then success will be tough to find.
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Reporting & Ledgers

Accountants aren't cheap which is why having a qualified bookkeeper prepare your tax return can save you big dollars and a little stress. Let us ease your tax pain with foolproof returns that even your accountant will appreciate.
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Tax Preparation

Preparing your HST remittance can be timely and frustrating. This is why Sum Bookkeeper offers simple but effective HST remittance services with pinpoint accuracy. Let us manage your accounts and prepare your small business HST.
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HST Remittance

Don't leave the wealth of your employees to chance. Payroll mistakes can be very costly and can set your business back tremendously. We will work with you to ensure that both your staff and your wallet are kept happy.
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Payroll Services

As a new business owner, having a data management system that is simple, accurate and affordable is not only invaluable, it can be the difference between success and failure. Forget complicated software and cloud systems.
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Data Management