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About Sum Bookkeeper | Toronto Bookkeeping Services for Small Business


Meet Sum Bookkeeper;

Our goal is to help small businesses have a solid bookkeeping system set up that is ready for growth and success.  Simple solutions that bring value.


Robyn Bolt: Partner – Bookkeeping Consultant & Business Development

Robyn brings actual experience to the table. Having worked for RBC Dominion Securities for 7 years as an associate and owner of Sum Bookkeeper for the last 8+ years she has been hands on with individuals, small businesses and large corporations. Robyn gained her edge in the bookkeeping industry by working closely with accountants and other industry professionals on things like reporting, tax preparation, data management and more. Not only this but Robyn knows what is involved in managing a successful small business. She also knows the importance of choosing the right business partners.

“My favorite part of the day is learning from the businesses I work for!”












Sum Skills

Tired of filtering through endless Toronto bookkeeping services? How about Hamilton, Oakville and Niagara? Stop the search. Sum Bookkeeper was built on the need for simple bookkeeping solutions that are presented by someone with real hands on experience. Why pay big dollars to get the same information and professionalism that we can provide at a fraction of the cost? At Sum Bookkeeper, we are results driven. If you do not see an immediate difference in your bookkeeping, and in your available time, then we have failed and failure is not an option. We offer some of the most personal, and extensive, bookkeeping services in Toronto, Oakville and Hamilton and have made it our personal goal to ensure that each and every customer is left feeling completely satisfied, no matter what. The bottom line, Sum Bookkeeper is not just some bookkeeper. We are thee bookkeeper.


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